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Bold Wolf


Goal: Conquer something cool

Scott Annan

United States

Goal: Make a difference, build a business, speak in front of 10,000 people, live in 5 different countries.

Lois Krasilovsky

United States

Goal: To live life to the fullest sharing with others. Traveling to foreign places with purpose and adventure, maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle, laughing a lot with friends, enjoying each day

Patrick Clayton

United States

Goal: To travel the world

Steve Weinberg

United States

Goal: Make great friends in every place I travel, build hospitals and schools in developing world

Patrick King

United States

Goal: Fulfillment.

Adam Mitchell-Hardt

United States

Goal: Connect my passions with my employment

Adam Malone

United States

Goal: Build businesses that make money, make meaning, and change the world.

Sean M Aaron

United States

Goal: Build my own home and fill it with a big, healthy family.

Alex Nash

United States

Goal: Never regret anything. Life is for the living. Bring it on!