Define Your Success

In taking ownership of our lives we are the ones that get to determine our own definition of success. If the current model for success is not serving our happiness and fulfillment, then perhaps it’s time that we create a new and more enlightened one.

Let’s embrace a definition whose fulfillment will embody deeper human connections, spiritual and financial prosperity, and ultimate health and vitality. Let’s strive to take care of one another as if we are all part of the same family, because essentially, that is the truth. This mindset of community will serve to bring us all closer together and should serve as a potential new model of success. One of the most powerful abilities that we have as humans is to relate to one another and connect to create community. The ability to empathize and feel what another human is feeling is a tremendous revelation that is in the true spirit of contribution because it allows us to foresee the needs of others. We as human beings are one big community. We create smaller communities to make things seem more manageable and to allow us to share commonalities, but in essence, we are all part of the same planet, breathing the same air, dealing with global issues. We need to expand our scope of the world and the communities of which we are a part. It is wonderful to establish connections with a select group of people in certain settings, but we cannot forget that all people are essentially part of the same global community. This is the kind of vision that will bring us close together in the coming generations.

We cannot underestimate the power of believing in something greater than ourselves. We all want to believe that we are part of a larger collective body, and forming a vision for ourselves and the community at large and treating others as they are all a part of our family allows us to do just that. It creates a sense of accountability that makes us aware of the impact that our actions have on the lives of others. And it is this sense of community that will ultimately give us the comprehensive prosperity that we all need and want to feel in our lives. This is success.

We can create a new source of inspiration in creating wealth for ourselves and embrace sources of inspiration such as charity and contribution. How would you feel every day about your work if you knew you were doing it not merely to pay the bills, but so you could contribute to a cause that was important to you, or so you could take your family on a retreat that would bring you closer together? After all, the dollars that buy material goods are the same dollars that build schools and give underprivileged children the invaluable gift of education. It is not the dollars that are different, rather the source of inspiration of the individual that grows that wealth and decides to use it to make a difference in his community that is. And often monetary achievement in the spirit of contribution is far more powerful than it is in the desire for wealth itself. The novelty of accumulating material goods is ephemeral, but the beauty and fulfillment of changing the lives of those around you for the better is eternal. In changing your source of inspiration, you expand your prosperity, and enrich your life and others.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary results is standards. What standard are you willing to hold yourself to; what will you commit yourself to achieving no matter what; and what mindset will you create for yourself that will make sure that you incorporate others into your image of success?

You owe it to yourself to revisit what it means for you to be successful and define success on terms that are most meaningful and relevant to you. As a culture we often let other people’s definition of success muddle our own definition thus sapping us of the creativity and passion that we know is deeply rooted within us. Too often we allow a culture that has no business dictating what our goals and passions should be. We all need to have a passion that excites us and gives our lives more meaning knowing that we are contributing to a collective effort that matters deeply to our peers, colleagues, our family, and ourselves. We also need the vision to be able to see what our goal is, what all our hard work is ultimately leading towards, and how we will know when we have achieved it. Success can mean many things to many people, but it is hard to be successful without being fulfilled. Experiencing the next level of success entails growing your spiritual and moral resources to understand your place in the world and how you can contribute meaningfully to the lives of others by becoming more of who you are.

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